Why advertise with The Times and The Sunday Times?

The Times and The Sunday Times give advertisers a direct line to the most affluent and influential readership in the Gulf region, yielding a potentially higher return on investment than other publications that offer a larger, but more general, patronage.

At The Times we take facts and figures seriously, never more so than when dealing with our advertisers who depend upon our brand to reach their customers. That is why we make it our business to know that 40 per cent of our readers are senior managers earning more than AED40,000 per month. And that 90 per cent of our readers will be economically active this year, planning purchases or changes in a range of sectors such as property, luxury retail, banking and finance, maritime, travel and hospitality, automobiles and the stock market.

How do we know this? We keep in close contact with our readers, conducting regular, detailed market research. This allows our advertisers to get their message across to the people that matter most to them.

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